June Jacobs, Hand Wave Gallery

Studio 9
June J. Jacobs is a artist based in fibre, an educator, CARFAC mentor, and The Hand Wave Gallery owner of 36 years. Her work is inspired by the nature around her and it infuences the form, colour palette and texture of sculptural and wearable art works.

Website: www.handwave.ca

Email: june.jacobs@handwave.ca

Located in Meacham at 409 3rd Ave North.

Phone: 306.376.2221 or 306.380.4483

GPS: 52.106439,-105.7636

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Sculptural Hangings Pea Vine

Sculptural Hangings, Pea Vine Detail

Shawl Shibori Dyed Wool

5 Silk Shawls - Hand dyed with natural dyes

Shell Top - Hand felted merino and silk sleeveless top

Vest - Hand felted wool and silk vest machine sewn

B2 Landscape

Drought Revisited 2012

Drought Revisited Detail

Drought Revisited2

Flower Deflowered Sculpture-Back

Flower Deflowered Sculpture-Detail

Flower Deflowered Sculpture-Front

Fungus Sculptural Vessel-Detail

Fungus Sculptural Vessel

Iron Markings

Lacey Shawl

Northern Lights Wall Hanging-Blanket

Onion Copper Felt Shawl

Rose Sculptural Head Piece for Theatre Costume

Shingle Fungus 2

Shingle Fungus 2013-1

Shingle Fungus Detail

Subacqueous Gentiana I Sculptural Vessel

Vest Detail

Vest Front 2011

Wine Vine

Winter Aspen 3D Wall Hanging