Michael R. Gaudet, GG's Gallery

Michael Gaudet is a well-established professional artist who specializes in large-scale murals, portraiture, landscape and historic paintings.


His murals are meticulously researched to achieve a high standard of accuracy and design. The muralist is kept busy designing, painting and installing permanent, archival-quality productions for a diverse clientele including towns throughout Saskatchewan, private businesses, organizations and the Church. His most ambitious mural to date was commissioned by Sacred Heart Chaldean Catholic Church in Saskatoon and unveiled on March 3rd, 2011. Please visit the project blog to read more about this ongoing commission. To view a selection of Gaudet's recent murals, please visit his MURALS website.


Another specialty is the very challenging genre of 'portraiture'. Gaudet has drawn and painted hundreds of portraits over the years and has now reached the point with his expertise where he is fully capable of rendering a very convincing likeness of the physical attributes of his subject. The challenge now is to go beyond a mere physical resemblance to the model in search of the more elusive 'feeling' of the person. He insists that a truly successful portrait must not only 'look' like the model but must also 'feel' like the person. In other words, his best work reflects the deeper spiritual and psychic essence of the model.


Gaudet is on a life-long painting adventure. His paintings are rich in color and detail that explore the everyday things around him with a concentrated fascination. Gaudet studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with New York figure painter Eric Fischl and Dutch color field painter Jan Andriesse. This exposure to international art and artists continues to exert an influence on his work to this day. He paints with acrylics in the European style of the old masters, using multiple transparent glazes to achieve rich, jewel-like colors and vivid contrast.

In 2010, Gaudet and his partner Sharon Gibson established 'G-G's Gallery & Gifts' as an addition to their residence at the Resort Village of Manitou Beach.

The couple have created a warm, welcoming atmosphere within a rustic setting at G-G's Gallery and Gifts.

This seasonal business has been very successful as it taps into the well-established tourist trade that has been an economic and cultural staple of the Resort Village for generations. G-G's Gallery & Gifts offers the public a 'living portfolio' where they can meet the artist, see his original artwork on display and view his extensive portfolio of mural commissions all in one visit. Please visit Gaudet's 'Art Blog' to stay abreast of his latest paintings and design projects.

In late 2015, Michael published the first of three books called "Dancing with Rejection: A Beginners' Guide to Immortality". A Memoir, "Dancing..." traces his story as a painter of monumental murals as well as a life-time of "Kidney Disease". He unflinchingly reveals his struggles but also his triumphs in this book. You may purchase your own copy at www.mrgaudet.com or a signed copy directly from the artist when you visit G-G's Gallery and Gifts Location: E. one blk past Danceland at Manitou Beach, turn right on Charles St., then rt to 309 Evenson Ave. at the cul-de-sac.

Ph: (306) 946-8884
Email: mrgaudet@gmail.com
Website: www.mrgaudet.com
Location: 309 Evenson Ave. GPS: 51.717777,-105.430598

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Cover art of book 2 of the trilogy

Larry Korsberg holds heirloom-quality portrait of himself and his late wife

Man with a Green Stripe

1 Mural 'Recovery 15' Painted for Book Cover Art

2 Thrilled to finally hold 'Copy Proofs' of my 1st book

3 Cindy Preston with two purchased paintings: 'Magic Cup' and, 'Amethyst Mountain'

4 'The Magic Cup' (SOLD)

5 'A Bird in the Hand'

6 'Amethyst Mountain' (SOLD)

7 'Cyprus Hills' (SOLD)

8 Portrait of a fallen Hero... (Wes Funk) (SOLD)

9 'Niko' (SOLD)

10 A Blast from the Past 'Montreal Jazz Festival'

11 Working on 'Candy-Apple Red Caddy' - mural

12 Finished 'Candy-Apple Red Caddy' mural - in situ

Selected Mural Project of the Year 2015

Michael was commissioned to design and paint two large murals for the Saskatchewan Government Employees' Union (SGEU) in the spring and summer of 2015. These impressive murals were created to "honor the dignity of human labor", with each in turn portraying a cross-section of the trades in the province that are represented by the union. The original murals (shown above) are now permanently installed in the newly located union headquarters in North-end Regina. As a unique twist, the originals were photographed with a large-format digital camera and subsequently pressed into service to be transformed into prominent highway billboards across the province, located at busy locations to be seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters every day.