Wayne Seabrook, Knotabadburl

Wayne Seabrook is an avid outdoor enthusiast and sportsman who salvages, scrounges and recovers unusual logs, burls, rocks and assorted woods from remote areas. Wayne spends most of his time working as a self taught wood carver, creating and sculpting unique logs and burls. He also loves to paint, particularly watercolors. In 2008, Wayne and his wife, Ila, purchased a partially built cabin on 502 Elizabeth Avenue in Manitou Beach where he presently works and displays pieces of art as well as in local Watrous area galleries and stores.

Ph 306.946.3180
Cell 1.780.918.3442

Email: knotabadburl@gmail.com

Location: 502 Elizabeth Ave. GPS: 51.719514, -105.447905

"Waiting Wolf"

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