Come Join The Spirit!
2016 9th Annual Studio Trail

Featuring Artists and Artisans from Meacham, Viscount, Watrous & Manitou Beach
Saturday, July 9 10am-7pm and Sunday, July 10 Noon-6pm

This Studio Trail is comprised of local artists and artisans who have come together to present their works to you. As with all things Saskatchewan, there are distances to travel and that makes for part of the allure of exploring these studios. Trail participants have chosen to showcase their talents either at their work studio or have banded together in a central location. Check which participants offer demonstrations,

restrooms and wheelchair accessiblity. Jump on the trail anywhere you wish, follow the brochure’s map to find the next artisan or artist. Take a day or both days to explore the area around Manitou Beach/Watrous and the surrounding areas of Viscount and Meacham to discover what talent lies around the bend. Above all enjoy the day!

Click here to download the 2016 Spirit of Manitou Studio Trail brochure.

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