Marjoleine Aimée Nulle is an oil painter who studied art in the Netherlands where she was born. New York, Covington La and Saskatoon SK. where she has many patrons as well as in Europe.

In her paintings she portrays the beauty of nature as it presents itself to the careful observer.

After busy years in which she had to steal time for her painting, she now enjoys the freedom to finally paint as much as she wants. Her subjects are Wildlife, Birds, Portraits, Land and Seascapes, People and Pets.

Her home is filled with art of her own. but also acquired from other artists whose work she admires. Her advice when people ask her what to buy invariably is to buy those pieces you are emotionally drawn to and you will find that they move with you from place to place–while you will gladly leave other possessions behind.

Her Paintings are on display at the Gallery located at 102-3rd.Ave. E. Watrous.


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